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 Musically Obsessed & Talented


A Group of Individuals, Creating Rhythm & Rhyme.


Traavonn -
C.B.O.G Branch Founder, Artist

Sharing a birthday with Hip-Hop, since the day he was born, Traavonn knew he was destined to be a Music artist. An incredibly talented lyricist and producer, Traavonn has teamed up with Covétous inc. and the team to bring a new seasoning to the music industry and fashion trends that are set by the Covétous team. "There's no competition, I'm Battling me" - Traavonn

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Dvrk Records

A Group of Individuals, Creating Rhythm & Rhyme.


Dvrk Starr -
Dvrk Records Branch Founder, Artist

Even in Dvrk times, we can always find ways to shine. Dvrk Starr's music is a captivating journey to another planet. His world is full of new sounds that are yet to be heard on Earth. Lucky for us, he is willing to share his worlds genius!

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